5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in SEO

Have you heard much about SEO before, if you are anything like I was a year ago then that answer would be ‘not at all’. In fact here in Cornwall SEO isn’t a topic which is often discussed amongst us small business owners and it was only last year when my son extolled the virtues of this approach to digital media, that I really sat up and listened. In terms of SEO Cornwall-based companies have been a little slow on the uptake and that was why getting in when I did has had such a profoundly positive effect on my cafe here in Falmouth. Owing to these results I wanted to share with you some of the benefits which your business can reap if you decide to invest in search engine optimization.

Increased Custom and Sales

Search engine optimization is one of the most cost effective marketing approaches out there and anything that you invest into this strategy will most certainly pay dividends. I generally see around 80 customers per week coming into the cafe and after just a month after implementing SEO, that number rose to somewhere nearer to 135, which is where it has stayed since.


SEO greatly increases the visibility of your company online and that means that even if people are not coming to your business, the seed is being sown about your company. The result of this is that you can use SEO to start building your brand, as well as letting customers know who and where you are, which may bring them your way in the future.


Depending on whether or not you competition are utilizing SEO techniques you can either get yourself even with them regarding who is taking the market share online, or you can even beat them and take a larger portion of the market share all for yourself.

Better Quality Website

As a result of implementing sEO techniques your website will greatly improve in terms of the content that is on there, the interface, the ease of navigation and the general user experience. As these core differences are made to your website in order to improve the way in which search engines view your site, you will also be improving the way that customers view your site. The speed with which users log off a website because it is either clunky or ugly is very quick indeed so you only have a small window to make a great impression.

Better Online Reputation

Many companies live and die by their online reputation and it doesn’t take much for a reputation to be destroyed with a rant that goes viral or a series of complaints. The visibility which SEO will give you can not only ensure that your reputation is easier to view and manage, but in the main you will find more positive things being said about your company.

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