The Basics of Dental Hygiene That So Many Forget

An overwhelming number of emergency dental procedures or dental operations are done because of a simple lack of basic dental hygiene. Of course there are many cases where teeth have been damaged or suffered trauma which results in the operation, but in most cases the issue is caused because the patient failed to correctly care for their teeth. Now we all know that you don’t need a dental coach to help you look after your teeth, but perhaps we should all remind ourselves of the basic tasks which we need to carry out, in order to keep our teeth and gums the healthiest that they can be.


Eating and Drinking

We should always be conscious of what we are eating and drinking with relation to our teeth as there are many foods and beverages which can cause a lot of damage. Sugar is the number one thing to watch out for here, especially in sweets and fizzy drinks. When sugar passes the teeth it sticks to them and if not cleaned quickly, the sugar will slowly eat away at the enamel on the tooth, and then when it does come off it will bring the enamel with it. Drinks such as black coffee and red wine can stain teeth badly, so be sure to clean after you have consumed either of them. Finally you need to be careful with tough to chew foods such as toffees, which can actually cause your teeth to crack or break. If something is very difficult to chew then don’t take any risks to your teeth, it is better to leave it to one side or break it into smaller pieces using something other than your teeth.


It goes without saying that you must clean your teeth but we should reiterate how often and how much to clean. Ideally you will clean your teeth morning and night, as well as after eating. When you brush your teeth you need to use a small headed brush, and clean in circular movements. Make sure that you clean the line between gum and tooth, as this can be an area where bacteria can build up quickly. Once you have brushed your teeth you should be using floss to get right in between the teeth, and get rid of any plaque or bacteria that has built up.


Other things that you need to make sure that you don’t run into dental issues are making sure that you don’t do anything to unnecessarily damage the teeth. For example smoking is something which will cause all manner of dental problems, as well as problems such as cancer risks to the tongue and the throat. Beyond this, whenever you are involved in any sporting activity which could pose a threat to your teeth, make sure that you wear a gum shield, to protect the teeth from being broken.