It’s Essential to Back Up Your Files

            It is impossible today to imagine a world without computers, smartphones and other electronic devices. People basically seem to have their whole lives stored on them from important documents to family photographs and other events we wish to keep for posterity. However, these devices are not infallible and it only takes a minor accident to drop it and you will find that the next time you try to switch it on, nothing happens and all of your hard work and memories are gone.


The best way obviously to store your data is bu using your internal CD writer usually installed already on most standard PC’s using the software package that comes with it. Many of us now though use notepads simply for ease of not having to carry around our laptops as they are a little more convenient. For backing up purposes here a portable CD writer is recommended as they are relatively inexpensive to buy or you could purchase an external hard drive which again are relatively cheap and the storage on them is now in terabytes instead of megabytes and you can utilize your space more by using a compressed file software package, Winzip is probably the most well known.

Another reason you should back up your personal data regularly is the increasing sophistication of virus and malware attacks. One particular virus encrypts all of your files and then requires you to purchase expensive software to decrypt it all. The longer you leave it the more expensive it gets for data recovery. At the moment there is no known cure for this particular virus so backing up your files and keeping anti-virus software up to date is essential.

Obviously, depending on what you want to back up will depend on what you require to store it on, but most people choose to back up only their most important documents such as work related files and personal documents. You should consider also a dedicated file server for large amounts of information. There are many companies out there that can offer these kinds of services if the documents you are backing up are company related rather than just personal files. Your companies IT department will probably be able to help with choosing the right one for you.

Remember, back up regularly to avoid the disappointment of losing all things important to you.