5 Tips For Better SEO


SEO should not be a mystery, it is something that all businesses online need to survive in the digital jungle that we are all now a part of. This guide provides some simple tips that almost anyone can implement to , of course these tips are very simple and you need some expert advice it might pay to speak to your Cornwall SEO agency.

Tag your images

Search engines are becoming more and more complex and are becoming much better at locating images, therefore it is important to tag your images correctly to make your images more searchable. Don’t forget to add a relevant image name, alt tag and title tag.


Keywords are a good way to link the relevance of your content to search engine searches. If you are not talking about things that are relevant, then you risk people never ever finding your site. At the same time do not go overboard and use keywords too much, as it can affect the look and feel of your site for users and it may not seem natural. This can also negatively affect your SEO.

Load up fast

Optimising your pages in terms of loading time is a surefire way to improve your SEO, because this is what search engines are looking for, the best and most accessible content possible. If you are stuck for ideas a great way to do this is to make small changes, such as resizing your images and testing your website and how long it takes to load.


Blogging is an important way to improve your SEO ranking and this is through natural traffic. When you blog about interesting things and do it in a fun and informative way for your readers, customers or others, this will have a positive impact on your search engine ranking because people are more likely going to be looking for the content that you are producing. You would be very surprised at how having great content can boost your site visits and SEO.

Make sure it works

Having a website with amazing functionality is great, but remember that is important for it to actually work. Any issues need to be ironed out, especially with the way that search engines “crawl” sites and index them. If there are issues, search engines will generally not look favourably on this. Making sure your website works the way it should is not only crucial for SEO, but also for the experience of the people actually visiting the site.