Economic trends in the worldwide market

The economic stability throughout the world varies a lot. While some areas are set for growth, other areas are stagnant or showing slow growth, a hangover from the economic downturn of the past few years. Here are a few economic trends to watch out for on the worldwide market:


Developing countries show most growth


Countries such as Lebanon, Kuwait and China are all showing the most significant growth. They are set to have more than double the growth of more developed countries. This high level of growth makes them good areas to consider investing in. Demand for goods, real estate, construction, and more is increasing every day. As incomes have risen there has been an increase in the demand for luxury goods and housing as well. China has seen 7% growth this past year but even their economy has experienced slower growth since then. Lebanon has seen their average household incomes rise while Beirut has seen an increase in business interests. M1 Group has been instrumental in both commercial and residential real estate in the area. Azmi Mikati, Columbia University graduate and CEO of M1 Group has built an impressive portfolio of investment properties throughout Beirut and the greater Middle East.


United States showing slight growth


There has been some growth in the US but some experts claim this is only due to the demand for exports to developing countries and a recovering job market. Investing in the US is tricky because success is so dependent upon specific location in many cases. Local economies may be on the up while the economy of an entire state may appear depressed. US real estate is doing well in some areas, whereas others have many homes and businesses available for bargain prices.


Oil prices add to easier growth


Low worldwide oil prices have made it easier for growth to occur in many sectors. Manufacturing and transportation costs are down as a result. This capital can be reinvested into growing business faster and paying employees more, thus strengthening economies. Even low oil prices were not enough to help Japan and some European countries growth this year. Those that were hit hard by the financial crisis are struggling to gain their footing again in the worldwide economy.


India and Qatar


With more than a billion people, India is predicted to experience 7.5% growth in 2015. With more people than ever joining the middle economic bracket, India is a huge market with a lot of opportunity. The small county of Qatar is not far behind India at 7.1% economic growth. The 2018 World Cup has brought an economic stimulus to the country of Qatar as well. Qatar is better developed than a lot of the Middle East but still has a lot more growth potential.


Benefiting from investments in multiple markets


As you can see, there are many different areas that can make for a great investment. If you are concerned about risk then you may consider investing in several different economies throughout the world, or at least in several different sectors within one country. An investment professional such as M1 Group can help you make these important decisions.