Become the Boss Your Employees Love!

These days it’s often difficult to be thought of as a good boss and a popular boss. Everybody gets cringeworthy visions of David Brent when they think about this. But it’s possible to be popular and be good at your job. Brent was right about one thing; the two aren’t mutually exclusive. You just need to make sure you take a different approach to him.

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In business, there are many ways in which you can improve and enhance your business. And the best way to grow a business is to run a successful office by making sure your staff are happy. If they’re happy they’re going to be more productive, and this will improve the business as a result.


Offer Performance Incentives

If you offer your staff performance related bonuses, you’ll make them want to work that little bit harder for you. They just want to feel like they’re valued and that their work is appreciated. By offering these incentives, you show your staff that you’re aware of what they do, and you’re grateful for it. Make these incentives separate from their company bonuses. Try to offer things a little more tangible like theatre tickets or something. This will show you’ve put some thought into the incentives, and you’ve considered what your staff like. If you can offer these kinds of incentives, you’re quickly going to become popular among your staff.


Don’t Micromanage

One of the biggest mistakes many managers and business owners make is that they micromanage. This seems like a good idea as it keeps you aware of what your staff are doing all the time. But it’s a great way to upset and alienate your staff too. Your employees want to feel like you trust them to do their jobs right. By micromanaging you’re giving the impression that you don’t trust them, and you think they need a babysitter. This is going to bring morale down and see a reduction in productivity. Stop with the micromanagement. Trust your staff. Give them the freedom to do their jobs under their terms, and you’ll find they enjoy coming to work much more.


Show Your Staff You Value Them

It’s important to make it clear to your staff that you value them and what they do for your business. As mentioned before incentives are a great way to do this. But you can use other means like EAP providers to show your workers that you care about them. These services are geared towards helping your staff out in the workplace. It gives them an outlet that helps them deal with personal problems or health issues affecting their work. This makes your staff happier and cuts down on workplace absence. It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved.


Turn the Workplace into a Home Away From Home

Another great approach you could use it to turn the workplace into a home away from home. This means providing some of the amenities and comforts that people would have at home. Make sure you have a comfortable chill-out area somewhere in the workplace. An area your staff can go and relax when they’re on break. Also, provide things like a television and kitchen facilities. You want your employees to feel relaxed and comfortable when they work for you. And this is a great way of endearing yourself to your team.