Quarterly corporate events – why are they important?

Involving employees in a company’s corporate affairs is an increasing trend, with staff benefiting from raised morale and the business becoming stronger and more profitable as a result. Quarterly events are a great way to keep your staff up-to-date and involved in your business processes.

The benefits of organising quarterly events are manifold, from enhancing cohesiveness to driving new employee-led ideas. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of arranging these meetings.

All together now

Organising a quarterly corporate event is a great way to get everyone together under one roof, but the logistics of the task may seem overwhelming. Using specially developed software, however, can make the process much simpler; take a look at EventHQ – online event booking software that tracks participants, reminds them of the event and allows them to relay any special needs.

For staff who can’t attend the event or who are based too far away to make attendance feasible, broadcast your conference live so that they can also participate and feel like valued members of your workforce.

Up to date

Quarterly events are ideal for revealing any changes to your company or practices, giving you the chance to relay the information in person and ensure every employee receives the same details. If you’ll be changing your product or services, a quarterly meeting comprising presentations and interaction with staff should enable you to introduce employees to the changes and also answer their queries there and then, rather than having to deal with an inbox full of questions.

Many businesses report their quarterly results to staff, and doing so at an event can be a good way of announcing especially positive figures. This is the time to express pride in your workforce and potentially to reveal any special rewards. The results will also usually have some bearing on how the company will move forward over the next quarter, so it can be useful to run over this at the event too.

Networking opportunities

To ensure employees feel part of a team with a common goal, quarterly events provide opportunities to meet other people from the company and network. If you have a number of offices throughout the country, or departments that don’t work especially close together, organising a meeting for the whole firm enables staff to meet people they may otherwise never have any contact with, or who they have perhaps spoken to on the phone before but never met in person.

Bringing workers together helps create a united front and can also facilitate discussion and ideas sharing, which could in turn help you make positive changes to your business or come up with new products and services.

Teambuilding activities

In the same vein, if you want your workforce to be more cohesive, or to scope out employees with real potential, you could work teambuilding exercises into your quarterly event. Produce a programme for the day and have presentations broken up with activities and rest breaks to allow your staff to meet one another and complete problem-solving activities, during which employees will be encouraged to work as a team but supervision may reveal to you any clear leaders or innovators.

You might also work training workshops into the day’s events, introducing employees to any new practices they’ll be required to complete or simply to work on areas of the business you’ve earmarked for improvement.