A guide to getting a workplace ready with business, comfort and brand personality in mind

Team-building is one of those phrases that some people might term as so-called management speak, along with trying to create a positive atmosphere, however, there is a lot to be said for having a happy working environment. It is generally assumed that the happier you and your team members are then the more likely they are to be pulling in the same direction and working productively. The burning question that remains is: how do we build such an environment in the office?

It’s a valid question and one that doesn’t, unfortunately, have a one-size-fits-all answer that everyone can abide by. There are, however, different ways to keep the morale of your team high whatever the weather and time of day, so here is a guide of sorts on how to get your workplace ready to be productive, while keeping the brand in mind.

Try and garner some team spirit

There is no better way to get staff working for the cause than by creating some team spirit. One of the most basic human needs is to feel we belong or are wanted. Business owners should be trying to create a feeling of unity among staff members, helping them feel valued as workers. Everyone is different, so there are alternative methods of going about this, but it could be something as simple as holding quarterly feedback meetings with all staff.

Another way to foster team spirit is by ensuring that team members each know a bit about each other’s personal life, by setting aside five minutes at each staff meeting to have one person tell about something positive that has happened to them in the last month.

Reinforce your brand to the team

It’s all very well having a group of people that like having a laugh with one another and know each other very well, but at some point they need to know what they are working for. This isn’t so much a purpose, but more the face of what they are representing when working every day. If people are aware of what they are working for, this passion is likely to come off in their day to day tasks.

There are a few ways of doing this and – much like the rest of this – there is no definitive way. Giving your staff business gifts – like these from 4imprint – that can help align your business with the brand is a good way of creating a working atmosphere that is positive. There are plenty of corporate items that will be emblazoned with your brand that you could give to your workers to help their day, such as USB sticks or folders if they are office-based.

Try to make it fun

If you want your workers to be fully relaxed in the office and motivated to work hard then try to make it a fun place to return to each day. Everyone wants to be where people are having fun, so make your workplace feel happy and festive. Find different reasons to celebrate together, occasions can include birthdays, the birth of a child or even moving into a new home. Small parties and buffets at lunch time will get people wanting to return to work each and every day.