How to advertise your business to potential employees

Finding the right people for your business is never easy. Getting people onboard that have both the desire and skills needed to take your company to where it needs to go is an extremely difficult thing to do.

But there are steps that you can take to improve your firm’s image in the eyes of potential recruits – something that could massively increase profitability and sustainability in the long term.

Lifestyle benefits

Lifestyle benefits remain one of the most popular ways to attract new employees to businesses. Fresh recruits often want to feel like they are being valued and if you can display a number of exciting, exclusive rewards on your job advert, then this will seriously get their attention.

Popular benefits include salary sacrifice childcare vouchers and Cycle to Work schemes, while medical screenings and insurance programmes remain equally common in the private sector.

Informal attitude

While having an overly informal attitude could seem like a bad idea, the fact is that many workers enjoy joining a company with a more relaxed, laid-back outlook on office life.

Employees are increasingly seeing their working and leisure life combined thanks to longer hours and heavier workloads and this can seriously wear them down. But taking a more informal attitude to corporate culture, while maintaining necessary standards of professionalism, can really help to attract new employees.

Nowadays, everyone knows that they will have to work their socks off and this can involve doing some overtime. But if people actually enjoy their jobs and want to get a project off on time and to the desired standards, this can make the nine-to-five grind much more enjoyable.


Evangelisation is a popular method for bringing in new blood for startups and involves getting staff members to wax lyrical about how amazing their office’s culture is in an informal setting, with the hopes it draws other people into wanting to work for the firm.

This is hard to manage and you must be careful not to try and force your personnel to get their friends to work for your company, as it could look desperate or overly controlling. It can only be done naturally and through the proper management of your workers’ needs.

As said earlier, providing good flexible benefits is a great way to build evangelisation, as if you take care of your current employees, it is likely they will make their friends and/or social media following green with envy when they talk about their free childcare, dental surgery or reassuring doctor’s appointment.

Avoid spammy looking job adverts

Job websites are absolutely filled to the brim with new positions or openings, despite what labour market statistics might show us. But the fact is that a huge number of postings are poorly written and contain spammy looking promises.

If you operate a bonus scheme, try and tell potential applicants in a low-key way and don’t promise “£50K OTE GUARANTEED!” as many companies do. While you might have the best benefits in the world, phrasing it in this manner won’t appeal to employment-savvy recruits and could leave you without the talent you need to fill your vacancy.

One solution to this problem could be to hire a recruitment agency, as its employees will have a lot of experience as to how to appeal to your target employee demographic and will word your job advert accordingly.