How has Penguin changed Link Building?

For a long time, people that were building links used keyword analysis as a major facet of choosing which terms they tried to build links for. For those that are involved in SEO, using anchor text that included keywords was the main focus. Now with all of the changes that have been implemented by google to their algorithm, the focus has shifted slightly, but keywords still remain important.


Over the last few years, google has changed up their algorithm. The changes have made it more of a challenge to build links, it has also made keyword analysis a lot more challenging. It isn’t as simple as it used to be, you used to be able to choose your keywords, then buy some links or guest posts with an anchor text for the link, this would in turn mean that it would rank well. Penguin has meant that a lot of the older methods are simply not as effective as they used to be, these methods include exact match domains, anchor text and paid links.

Of course, there is the school of thought that argues nothing has changed after the penguin update, that link building is the same as it used to be pre-penguin. Link building, whether is be manual or automated has forever been against the guidelines laid down by google. One thing that is for certain is that Google wants quality links, this is something that every SEO company need to familiar themselves with. Now that there are so many new SEO companies and marketers entering the industry it seems like a lot has changed, in reality very little has changed it is just that there are a large number of people that don’t understand what they are doing.

So how has the link building process changed since the penguin update?

The most important thing to do is create quality content, content so good that other bloggers will want to share it on their sites. You should also remove links that need to be removed and not begin building links until you have a full understanding of the update, or until it has all slowed down.

The best thing you can do is be practical and make informed decisions. Not a great deal has changed, nothing that you really have to be shocked about anyway, the biggest change to the industry is the number of SEO outsourcing companies that are popping up all over the globe trying to get a piece of the pie.  If you use your common sense then you will not need to alter your approach to link building post penguin update.