Top team building tips

Every workplace wants a happy, healthy workforce, and every good boss would love to manage a team that gets on and works well together. There are plenty of team building exercises designed to bond teams together and make them more creative and productive at work. This is so important to many companies that they organise team building exercises at training centres on away days or working weekends.

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Here are some ideas of great team building exercises you can use during such trips.

It’s always a good idea to start with a couple of icebreakers to get people going. These will open people up and get them into good humour ready for team building exercises. One idea for this is the One Question Game, in which a situation is established – such as marriage or babysitting – and the teams have to come up with one single question that will decide whether an individual is suitable for such a role. Depending on whether you want to set a formal tone, or a more lighthearted one, the situations can be varied.

Two truths one lie is a famous team bonding exercise that always provides plenty of laughs.  Similar to the famous panel show Would I Lie to You, it involves the participants telling the group two true things about themselves as well as one lie. The other players have to guess which statement is the lie.

Getting people to think about the best moments of their lives is always going to be a winner, and this provides the basis for another fun team-building exercise. All participants have one minute to think about the best moments of their lives, whether these be professional or personal. After this, each participant is then asked if they only had 30 seconds of their life left, which moment they would want to relive, and why they chose this particular moment.

After breaking the ice, it is a good idea to move onto problem solving games. These are designed to help the participants find their roles in the team, and function productively and efficiently.

One common game uses nothing more than some simple building blocks and is designed to teach participants how to communicate and work effectively in a group. The instructor creates a structure with building blocks and hides this from the group. Each of the teams are given building blocks as they will be trying to recreate the structure the leader has done.

One participant from each team is allowed to come up and look at the sculpture for 25 seconds, and they then can go back to their teams and describe the structure. A second team member is then permitted to sneak a peek at the sculpture, before communicating this with their team. This process continues until one of the teams successfully duplicates the original sculpture.

If you don’t mind getting a bit messy, then try this one out. Split the room into two large groups and task them to build an egg package that will survive an eight foot drop with all eggs intact. After the egg package has been built, the teams are asked to present a short advert for their prototype package, explaining how and why it works. After these presentations have taken place, it’s time for the fun bits. Each team get to test their packages out to see if they really work.

This exercise is designed to unite the team behind a common goal and also encourage them to work together and communicate effectively and efficiently.