How to hire the right salesperson for your company

Hiring the right people for your workforce is an undoubtedly tricky endeavour. Simply weeding out the timewasters or those woefully under or overqualified for a position is hard enough, but tailoring the needs of your new staff in such a crowded labour market is, it seems, almost impossible.

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It’s no wonder that joblessness is still so rife considering hiring managers are struggling to find the right people for their firms, but while we aren’t saying this article will single-handedly turn around the UK economy (we hope it does though!), it could help you and your organisation bring in a salesperson that will revolutionise your office.

Get the job advert right

Job adverts are very tricky to get right and can sometimes put ideal candidates off. Sometimes this is caused by subconscious use of certain words that psychologists have found are unattractive to some people.

For example, researchers at the University of Lincoln found that women find overly jargony role descriptions offputting. It was also suggested in the 2011 study that females do not like management words that might be more commonly associated with David Brent than Lord Sugar.

Many applicants find adverts that overtly highlight bonuses and above target earnings are a turnoff. Not only does this make your firm look like it is overly targets-based and inflexible, it can also make it look like a scam or a waste of time.

This doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea to tell people applying for positions about your excellent compensation scheme, but it might mean being more careful in the way it is put across to candidates.

Make sure your interview is spot on

Job interviews are an unbelievably tough thing for a potential employee to go through. Where is the office? Why won’t the receptionist give me a guest pass? How do I clip this on to my tie? Why did the trip that was supposed to take 15 minutes on Google Maps take two hours? All of these questions will be rushing through the head of any applicant sitting in the hotseat.

But how can you make sure that both your time and theirs aren’t wasted? Well perhaps the best way is to ensure that an interview is a two-way process. This might sound counter intuitive, but getting a candidate involved in a discussion is a great way to assess their personality and, crucially, ability to sell products.

Use sales recruitment agencies

Using sales recruitment agencies to find the perfect candidate for your business might seem like a no-brainer but the number who neglect to even consider this option is substantially higher than you would think.

While there are many great businesses offering hiring solutions in the UK, one of the more well known firms is Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, which has a generous 12 month rebate scheme that is particularly popular among customers (find more information here).

Not only does choosing a dedicated hiring company remove a lot of the headaches associated with bringing in somebody new, but it can also improve your chances of getting the right person for the right role.

The chances are, if you’re hiring for a top level position, the prospective applicant is going to know what they’re doing and will see a poorly written job advert from a mile off, so spending a little more to ensure quality is a great idea.