How to Boost High Street Sales Online

It’s a mistake to think that only brands specialising in eCommerce need a strong online presence. There are currently 2.7 billion people using the internet, which corresponds to around 39% of the world’s entire population. And, even if you don’t make direct sales online, you can bet that a proportion of your customers are using the ‘net to find retailers and research products.

Here are a few ways you can use the internet to boost sales instore:

1. Refresh your website

A good website is a must, even if you aren’t directly involved in eCommerce. A business website allows people to find out about your company and the goods or services you provide. If your website looks dated it doesn’t reflect well on your business so it might be advisable to think about a redesign.

Provide directions to your store and, if you have more than one, include a store locater. A professional digital agency will be able to advise you on all aspects of website design and optimisation including search engine optimisation, or SEO, which can help your site climb towards the top of Google and other search engine results.

2. Show your products

Even if you’re not selling online, many customers like to see the products they intend to buy before they visit your shop. Show your products with accurate descriptions, good quality images and up to date prices.

3. Put your business on the map

Many people now use features such as Google Maps to search for businesses of a given type based on location. It’s easy to add your business name, location and details to Google’s database.

Customers can also add user reviews, which can really help generate footfall if positive. If you get negative reviews, it may be an indication that you need to change your approach.

4. Optimise for mobile

Many online searches are now mobile as smartphones and tablets challenge the desktop computer and laptops for dominance. More importantly, a large proportion of mobile searches are looking for a product or service based locally to the user so make sure you optimise for mobile!

5. Make use of social media

Social media sites are not just for keeping in touch with old friends or letting the world know what you just had for breakfast. An increasing number of businesses now use social media marketing to promote their brand name and specific items or events. The power of the ‘like’ is undeniable so get social and communicate directly with your customers.