Can we be more productive?

The truth of business today is that which defines one company from its competitors is becoming less and less.

Product differences are harder to distinguish and so brand separation depends less on the physical and more on the ethereal.

Companies strive for better service offerings to create this illusive gap and support their sales. It works given that our competitors can’t achieve the same levels.

Customers are fickle. They all value different things and so we research the customer journey to make our service levels align with their expectation; or so we think.

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Our people who deliver the service need to get it right all the time.

However Dave Coplin (CEO Microsoft UK) in his book Business Re-imagined quotes that 71 per cent of employees in the USA are not engaged or actively dis-engaged with their companies. Common sense would lead you to conclude that this is not the most productive model.
In another survey of CEO’s only 10% were satisfied with the talent management within their organisation.

The final nail in the coffin is that we know that 37% of senior appointments are unsuccessful.

What will make the difference is the leadership in organisations being able to inspire their managers and workers to move to the beat of the same drum.

The answer is really simple and we all know it means making people feel valued and respected. Then give them a vision of the future and show them the path they have to tread.
Why are so many business leaders blind to the obvious? Do they feel that their tenure is so insecure that they should negotiate their exit policy from the off and what will be will be.
The days of arrogant greedy leaders are well and truly numbered. Humility is a much more attractive and effective trait in a leader.

At the Wyboston Lakes Academy we work with some of the finest UK organisations from the world of experiential learning and coaching. They all understand that the world of industry, commerce and people management has not only changed but continues to change at pace.

The advent of Social Media, online search platforms and online transactions means that business leaders and their businesses are operating in a very transparent world, both to their competitors and their employees

Our premise is that a boost in performance is driven by engagement, motivation and knowledge. Once we identify the most effective solution to make the changes to what people do then we re-enforce it with knowledge retention strategies.
Perhaps your organisation is the exception to those described above; or is it?