Advice on generating business leads

Being memorable is very important in business, as firms will struggle to be successful if they do not remain in the mind of their customers in one month, one year or even five years’ time. This is why projecting the right image is essential for any company, regardless of the size or scale of its operations.

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Customers are only going to deal with companies that come across as professional, well organised and trustworthy. While firms may not be in a position to make an investment right away, making a good impression at the outset with a prospective customer could be the difference between securing a deal further down the line and not.

Generating sales leads

When it comes to generating leads, start with the basics. According to Shamus Brown, who runs his own sales training site, businesses need three things in order to be successful at this stage of the process – a written profile of your target prospect, a list of suspects containing potential prospects and a method of reaching your sales prospects.

If you are in the B2B market, striking up a relationship with sales reps from other companies who are operating in the same sector is essential. This system of complementary partner referrals typically yields the most leads and will make it easier to stockpile information about customers and prospects.

Cold calling is also a hugely effective tool when executed properly. While it may not be everyone’s favourite part of the day, a good cold call will produce results for a business. The person making the call should try to adopt the tone, pace and emotion of the other person’s voice qualities, as this should help them to develop an instant rapport. After the conversation, why not distribute follow up the call with a promotional gift so that prospective clients remember your business. You could distribute branded ceramic take out mugs bearing your logo?

Face-to-face meetings

Trade shows are typically very good for generating leads. You are able to speak face-to-face with people, which makes it much easier to get your point across and develop a relationship with potential customers. In order to maximise the effectiveness of these types of events, you should look out for events that are targeted at your prospective audience.

Running your own seminars can also yield good results, as it gives your business a platform to showcase its product offering and how it can be used to solve the problems facing your target market. For example, a presentation could be given demonstrating how the targeted use of promotional products can improve a brand’s marketing campaign.

Don’t forget the importance of advertising

When done properly, advertising can be very effective in terms of generating sales leads. It stands to reason that prospective clients will feel comfortable dealing with a company that it has come across through advertising. Selecting the right publications is essential, and the adverts themselves need to stimulate people to take action.

While print advertising may be too expensive for some firms, the internet can often be a great place to start an advertising campaign. This method is particularly useful for small businesses, as all they have to do is focus on creating a well-designed website that will then generate very targeted and qualified leads.

By using a combination of these measures, companies should be able to stay in touch with potentially interested parties and make sure they remain interested over the long term.